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From Gutter2Gallery and Street2Boutique, House of Sussex is making contemporary art wearable!  Founded early this year by lifestyle guru Susie Coelho who is now back in the fashion world collaborating with notable contemporary artists. Susie’s vision began on the streets of LA, NY, Paris, and London where she was inspired by the art surrounding her.

House of Sussex was named after the founder’s birthplace in Sussex, England.  Being born a Brit but growing up in the US and in Paris, Coelho honed her sense of style while going to museums as a young student and taking in the European art and culture.  “From Impressionism to Modernism, from Egyptian art to Rennaisance art, it was all just a Metro ride away” says Coelho.

“I would go home and splatter paint on my jeans and jackets and then sell them in my clothing boutique on Melrose. It was the 80’s and a very interesting time for music, fashion, art and culture.”
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Back in the states Coelho’s taste in art expanded when she landed a role in the movie Breakin’ II, Electric Boogaloo, now a cult classic, shot in East LA.  Ironically many of the artists she now works with used those East LA walls as their canvas. Graffiti was an outlet for these “crews” and a way for them to express themselves as they created a culture and a new artistic expression. “I became fascinated by this raw art and messaging and seeing it under the train tracks and on the walls while shooting the movie inspired me.” Coelho says.  I would go home and splatter paint on my jeans and jackets and then sell them in my clothing boutique on Melrose. It was the 80’s and a very interesting time for music, culture, art, and fashion.

Later after moving to New York in 2010, Coelho reconnected with street art, which had now become fine contemporary art.  The art district in Chelsea where she lived was filled with with Bansky, Basquiat, Lictenstein and Harring. “I’ll never forget when Banksy’s “pop up show” came to NY and the city was all a buzz.  One of the installations popped up right next door on 24th and 10th Ave and I ran out, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious artist,” recalled Coelho.

Later that week Banksy had staged over 1 million dollars worth of art at a small stand in Central Park with an older man running it.  The sketches were sold for $420 but worth over $225,000. Later Bansky painted over a piece of art from a popular thrift store then took it back for them to sell.  It garnered 300K!  Street art was in full bloom!

So with the inspiration from all of these years Coelho decided to turn her passion and intrigue into a business, collaborating with some of the top talent of this genre.  “Always be on the lookout, inspiration is everywhere.  Listen to your instincts, and they will always guide you in the right direction!  Keep creating, thats the joy of life.”

Susie Coelho

House of Sussex Creative Director/Founder


Susie Coelho is widely recognized and admired for her consistent record of entrepreneurial success and for being a true visionary and trendsetter in the lifestyle and fashion spaces.  Susie’s multi-media lifestyle company, Susie Coelho Enterprises, Inc. (SCE), has had businesses in television, publishing, licensing, and partnerships with many iconic brands such as eBay, Target, Betty Crocker, Bank of America, Windex, Maxwell House, Kahlua, amongst others.

Many know Susie from her TV shows or her best-selling books or eaten in her restaurants, shopped at her boutiques or bought Susie Coelho branded products at retail.   The “Susie Coelho” brands and her proprietary licensing deals with Mervyn’s department stores, QVC, Grandin Road,Calyx & Corolla,and others spanned more than a dozen different product categories including bedding, bath, tabletop, luggage, outdoor, garden, and florals.

With her boundless energy and passion Coelho is now turning her entrepreneurial savvy and fashion sense to her most exciting endeavor ever, the “House of Sussex’, which will marry together Susie’s lifelong fascination with fashion and art.   In Susie’s own words, “There is nothing more exhilarating than the magic of creation!  I feel blessed to be able to create everyday, working side by side with such a gifted team and to see our vision become a reality!​

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Susie Coelho first came to public attention as a successful Ford model and then as an actress and television host. As an entrepreneur, she created the trendy celebrity eateries “Bono’s” (with then-husband Sonny Bono), then went on to create theinnovative fashion boutique “A Star is Worn” on Melrose Ave, which sold celebrity collectibles. Susie later graced our living rooms for more than a decade as the host of two of HGTVs prime time series (Surprise Gardener and Outer Spaces) and as a regular contributor on “Today”, “Oprah” and “The View”.  Susie also went on to become a best-selling author with four lifestyle books which allowed her to connect with her consumers and fans in yet a different way.

For most, this long list of achievements would have fully fulfilled the dreams and ambitions that sparked them.  But not for Susie.  She has continued to inspire and help others by sharing her no-nonsense approach to business as a regular contributor on CNN, ABC News, and Fox Business giving voice to women entrepreneurs and small business creators.  In 2007, Susie was honored with the Women in Film & Video “Vision Award” for her lifetime of contributions to the media and for the inspiration she has provided to millions of women throughout the nation.

This drive, creativity and exotic sense of style stems from her unique background.   She was born in Sussex, England of East Indian parents with Portuguese ancestry.  Educated in Paris and Washington DC.  Her leadership could be seen at a very early age when she won a prestigious UNESCO award for promoting international understanding between foreign students while studying at the Lycée de Sevres in Paris.

Susie and her husband live between Los Angeles and New York and juggle four children on both coasts.  She is heavily involved in the arts, loves to travel, stay physically and spiritually fit and is constantly looking for ways to share her passions with others.  While the House of Sussex is absorbing a fair amount of Susie’s bountiful energy these days, she is so excited about the joy these products will provide consumers and the rightful recognition it will bring to the artists she is collaborating with, which to Susie, is the real definition of a labor